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Next Day Service
Next Day Service Next Day Service Next Day Service Next Day Service
Product Code: Next day service
Price: $3.99

Available Options

* Shorter Side ( 24-60 inch ): 

* Longer Side ( 36-300 inch ):

* Materials: 

Tube ( Mandatory for Paper Poster Shipping): 

How Many Letter Size Handout Copies ( Optional ): 

* Pick Up /Shipping Options: 

In order to help us serve you better, this poster is for which event, conference or course?:

* Customers pay online when they approve the e-proof for printing: 

* I have read and accept the service description below:

* Upload File ( PDF Preferred ):

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Service available

The service is guaranteed by the terms of service. Customers can predict and control when the order is ready/delivered before and after placing order according to the terms of service. The customers take full responsibility to calculate that the order's pick-up/delivery schedule meets their presentation schedule. UTposter is only responsible for processing orders by terms of service and is not responsible for each individual's presentation schedule. Please don't waste your money to pay for anything useless. There is no refund.

This section is for academic presentation posters. If your poster is for event display, advertisement, art, decoration etc., please order a graphic poster at “sign and display”.

We don't print posters with full, dark background color.

We don't accept downgraded turnaround time orderd.

Email responding time is 1 to 48 hours from Monday to Saturday.

Service available: Mon - Sat. 9am - 6pm, except the holiday and whole long weekend. We don't take care of Next Day Service orders on Sunday and the whole long weekend, including responding to phone calls, emails, pick-ups etc. 

We accept order deadline: 2pm

Customers approve the E-proof and pay deadline: 3pm

Guaranteed ready for pickup: No later than 5pm on next turnaround day

Free Shipping around U of T:  2 days (Monday to Friday, except Good Friday and holidayproduction and transit time, delivered by 6pm.

GTA and Ontario shipping:  Up to 3 days (Monday to Friday, except Good Friday and holiday) production and transit time.

Canada National shipping:  Up to 4 days (Monday to Friday, except Good Friday and holidayproduction and transit time.

If you place the order after 2pm or approve the E-proof for printing and pay after 3pm, we process your order as next day's next day service.

Place Order

Please choose the correct turnaround time and fully fill in the correct information.

We are glad to accommodate all customers' needs. All customization has to be approved through email by UTposter before the order is placed. Without pre-approval, the order with customization requirements that conflicts with terms of service might be declined during order processing. 

The price is based on sqft. There is a 25% extra charge for a poster smaller than 10 sqft.

There is $2.99 default charge for fabric carry bag or fabric poster carry box on each poster. 


The order with valid file is received between 9am - 10am, Mon - Sat, E-proof will be emailed out between 10am - 11am.                                    The order with valid file is received between 10am - 4pm, Mon - Sat, E-proof will be emailed out in about 1 hour.                                              The order with valid file is received between 4pm - 9am, Mon - Sat, E-proof will be emailed out on coming turnaround day between 9am -10am.   

Please email us ASAP if you don't receive the E-proof in time.  Otherwise, we are not responsible for the delay.       

If you need to update the content of the poster, please email us the updated version. We will email you the updated e-proof within 24 hours during turnaround day. Please don't place a new order. Duplicate orders will delay all of your orders.

We guarantee the posters' resolution, the content and layout are the same with the E-proof. We don't guarantee the posters' color is exactly the same as the E-proof viewed on any screen. There might be color variations. For more details, please check the "Terms & Conditions" color section.

UTPoster doesn't check eproof and is not able to determine that each component of eproof is acceptable or not. It's each individual's personal judgment for each customize design. The customers take full responsibility for checking eproof and the printing results. UTPoster is not responsible for any problem in E-proof. Such as low resolution, mess code, shift, unexpected visible/invisible content, etc. 

Due to the limitations of online service, for the order has issues related with file/eproof, we recommend the customer to find other stores that have face-to-face service to get help.


Mailing tube is mandatory for photo paper poster shipping.

No delivery service on Saturday, Sunday and the holidays. 

We only ship to the address that is provided with the order submission. Please fully fill in the correct address. The shipping address won't be checked until the courier arrives. We don't accept redirection. Such as "if no one is in room A, deliver to room B. 

The couriers don't provide appointment delivery and multiple address delivery. Such as "3:00 pm" or "between 3:30 to 4 pm",or "call me when you arrive". The couriers don't provide "calling" service, such as "when you get here, call me". They need a specific, accessible address. 

Customers are fully responsible for calculating the correct delivery schedule that will best accommodate your presentation date. We strongly recommend you allow enough time for the rare but possible delivery failure by the couriers.  

Free delivery to U of T area conditions:

1 In free delivery area                           Non-residential address                                         5 Paper poster's short side is  42 inch      No discount applied                           4 The poster is not smaller than 12 sqft

Free delivery area. Harbord Street and Dundas Street are not included.


Please come to pick up once you receive an email notification "ready for pickup". After it's ready, you may pick it up at any time,  Mon - Sat, 9am-6pm. 


Customers pay online once the eproof is ready to print.

Update order information

Such as poster dimension, the address, email, quantity, turnaround service, shipping or pick-up method, and so on, please email us to cancel this order before you pay, and then submit a new order. We don’t update those types of information on behalf of our customers.


You may cancel your order by email before you pay. Please include your order number in the email subject. 

We don't accept cancelation once it's paid.

We don't accept cancelation by phone. 

We reserve the right of final explanations about the terms of service description.



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