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One Hour Service
One Hour Service One Hour Service One Hour Service One Hour Service
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* When I pick-up, I'll pay cash if I don't provide detailed work address related with poster (non-residential) on check-out page:

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* Utposter provides services according to the terms of service description. Cutoff time, deadline, services…, aren't negotiable:

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Please don't place the order until you read and understand the terms of service description. Please don't place the order until you have no any confusion.

This section is for academic posters. Here, academic poster means "typical academic poster". Normally, contains subject, author, school/institute name, detailed text content. If your academic world is in graphic design, social event, or your poster is about academic event, not about academic. Your poster looks like graphic poster, event poster, ad poster etc., please order a graphic poster.

Turnaround Time - Service available

One hour service is available from 9 am to 6 pm, Mon to Sat. Long weekend's Saturday and Monday are not included. Please contact us between 9am to 6pm for inquires. We don't take care of one hour service order on Sunday and whole long weekend, including responding phone call, emails, pick up etc. 

If you place the order before 3pm , and approve the E-proof for printing before 4pm. We guarantee your poster will be ready for pick up at 5pm. If you place the order after 3pm, approve the E-proof for printing between 4pm to 9am, we process your order as next day's one hour service. Your poster will be ready for pick up at 10am.   

Place Order

Please choose the correct turnaround time, shipping method etc, fully fill in the order information correctly.  We only provide the services written here. If you request the service contradicts with the service we have, your order might be declined or delayed. We will try our best to accommodate all customers' needs. All customization MUST be approved through email by UTPoster BEFORE the order is placed. After the order is placed, there are NO exemptions.

Please use our online order system to place the order. We don't accept walk in and email order. If your file is too big to be uploaded with online order, you may upload it to somewhere else, like “Drop Box”, etc. and email us the download link. We don’t copy files from clients’ USB memory.

The price is based on sqft. There is 25% extra charge for the poster smaller than 10 sqft.

We might charge extra $2/sqft if the poster contains dark background color. We don't print posters with full, dark background color. 

There is $1.99 default charge for fabric carry bag or fabric poster carry box on each poster. If you want to remove it, contact us after you place the order. For some reason, such as shipping service required, it can't be removed.


When we start to process your order, first, we send you E-proof. Please check it and approve it for printing.

If we receive your file between 9am-4pm, it takes around 1 hour receive the E-proof through email from us. 

If we receive your file between 4pm-12am, the E-proof will be sent to you on next day before 10am. 

If we receive your file between 12am to 9am, the E-proof will be sent to you in the same day before 10am. 

Please call us ASAP between 9am to 6pm if you don't get the E-proof in time. Otherwise, we are not responsible for the delay.

Please approve the E-proof by email and say: "The final version e-proof looks fine, please go ahead to print". We won’t print your poster until we see that sentence. The customers take full responsibility for the printing result. We are not responsible for any problem in E-proof. Such as low resolution, mess code, shift etc. If you need modification, please send us updated version by email with the order number in the subject. 

Once you approve the e-proof for printing, it means you will have to pay for this customized poster. We don’t accept cancellation after you approve the e-proof.

We guarantee the posters' resolution and the content are the same with the E-proof. We don't guarantee the posters' color is exactly the same with the E-proof viewed on your screen. There might be slight color variation. For more details, please check "Terms & Conditions" color section.
If there are any issues about the file or E-proof, such as uploading, a unreadable file, format, mess code, shifting, missing content, and color, etc. Due to the very fast turnaround time and the limitation of online services, we recommend our clients to go to another local printing store with face ot face service to find the solution. We do not provide face to face service except order pick up. We apologize for any inconvenience.

Pick up

Please come to pick up after 1 hour since you approve the e-proof.


UTPoster online order system has no payment function. Pick up orders are paid when the customers pick up. 

If the customer don't provide detailed business, office, lab or school address related with poster, with phone number and supervisor's name, we can't identify that customer. For billing and payment security reason, we will probably either decline that order, or ask for cash payment before we process that order, or when customers pick up, we accept cash only. 

Update order information

If you need to update order information, such as turnaround service, the address, email, poster size and so on, please cancel the inital order first, and then place a new order. We don’t accept order information updated by phone or email.

Update the file

If you only need to update the content of the file, not the size of the poster, you don't have to place new order. You may email us the updated file with the order number in the email subject.


You may cancel your order by email at any time before you approve the E-proof for printing. Please include your order number in the email subject. Otherwise your cancellation wont' be accepted. We don't accept cancellation by phone.

We reserve the right of final explanations about the terms of service description.

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PDF format is highly recommended. Please check the e-proof carefully if you submitted PowerPoint files. Cause PPT file is not as safe as PDF. there are lots of things might change.

if you design your poster with  Adobe series programs, Please use CMYK color mode, at original size with 300 dpi resolution.

If you design your poster with Microsoft series, then please note RGB color system is different with CMYK color system. try to use solid color. complicated color might cause color issue when the RGB color is converted into CMYK color. please click this article to get more knowledge.

How to Create a Poster

First, allow yourself adequate time to create your poster. Creating a rough draft of your poster at least four weeks before you are scheduled to present, and having several people take a look at it early on, plays a crucial role in producing a high quality, presentable poster. It takes time to cut/add text, resize figures, add graphs, change colors/font etc.
There are three poster sizes to choose from at the top of this page, with three templates available for each. Before you choose a template, check to see if the conference you are presenting at requires a certain size poster. The master templates include general instructions on creating a poster. The case and clinical templates include specific instructions and layout for each type of presentation.


Design your poster to highlight the major points of your research and stimulate feedback. The following format is suggested: research objective(s); study design; principal findings; conclusions, relevance to policy, delivery or clinical practice. Present enough information but avoid overcrowding.


Consider various options for presenting the salient points of your research.

Use graphs to clarify and emphasize the key relationships between figures. Be sure graphs are precise, clearly labeled, and placed near the companion text.
Select the type of chart that best illustrates your point. For example, pie charts compare relative parts that make up a whole, and line charts are ideal for depicting trends over time.
If using tables, make sure columns are not too narrow, too numerous or too long - so they can be easily read. Use tables only when simpler visuals like graphs or charts won't suffice.


Design the flow of information from left to right. Use lines, frames, contrasting colors, or arrows to call attention to important points.


Select a clean and simple font and use it consistently throughout the poster. Use both upper and lower case letters, especially in the body of your presentation. Make font large enough to read from at least three feet.


Use color to attract interest and to dramatize similarities and differences. Emphasis may be lost if more than four colors are used. Choose background and foreground color combinations that have high contrast and complement each other, it is better to keep the background light as people are used to it (for example newspapers and books).

Check Your Spelling

Make sure to run the spell check on your poster before final printing.

Poster check list,


  • Poster meets the size restrictions of the scientific program or conference guideline.
  • Most Poster construction will accommodate method of display at the meeting (pinned, hung, easel, taped, etc.), please confirm.

2,Content and Graphic

  • Titles, authors, and institutional affiliations are listed. For research posters: Introduction, Methods, Results, and Discussion are present., For clinical vignettes: Introduction, Case Description, and Discussion are present.
  • Logical sequence of information flow (left to right, and top to bottom).
  • Photographs graphs, tables, and charts are used whenever possible to display data or convey important information. included the logos of your institution and funding sources
  • Each section is concise and clear. Columns of the same or complementary widths. Text boxes, charts, graphs, photos, etc. aligned according to an invisible grid


  • the poster have good contrast between background and text(recommend white background)
  • the title large enough (at least 72 pt.)headlines at least 48 tithe text at least 24 pt.?
  • the text bulleted
  • Major headings can be read from 3 to 5 feet away. Text and figures can be read from 2 to 3 feet away. Graphs and figures can be read from 2 to 3 feet away.


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1, Please click  mark for details.

2, To convert between cm, inch and feet, please click "cm to inches calculator".

3, The poster with dark color background may be charged extra 20% ink coverage. Some of posters with very dark color background may be refused due to high maintenance cost.

4, There are 4 ways to send us file.

a, Upload with our online order system

b, Attached your file then send email to

c, Any free upload website, then give us the download link.

d, Use our FTP to uplaod.

5, Check your email and track your order status online.

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