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How to Convert to PDF

Upload file format allow ppt,pptx,pdf,tif,png,jpg,jpeg,png,gif,ai,doc,docx,pub. PDF format is highly recommended. Because PowerPoint files don't always print the way they look on-screen. About 30% of files encounter problems when moved from one computer to another -- graphics disappear or misprint, text and labels shift position, and Greek letters vanish. 

Most design software have save as PDF format function, if they don't, then you can try free online convert tools to get your printable PDF file.

1, Go to http://www.zamzar.com/ to upload you file

2, Download PDF file,  then take a look( normally 100% size to preview) make sure the font, the color, the resolution is acceptable,

If you design your poster with Adobe series programs, Please use CMYK color mode, at original size with 300 dpi resolution. You also need merge all Layers in one before save final file.

If you design your poster with Microsoft series, Please check PDF carefully after covered. Such as format, color, etc. also, Please note RGB color system is different with CMYK color system. Try to use solid color. Complicated color might cause color issue when the RGB color is converted into CMYK color. please click this article to get more knowledge.



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