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How to get my receipt

If you missed your paper hard copy receipt. No worries, you always can print your receipt online anytime.(we keep your receipt record for whole year). here is how to video below whatever you have account or guest(no account) to check out . is simple and efficient. If you still have difficulties with that,, our accounting department will help you every month 1st day and 15th day send you back PDF version copy.

1, How to get your invoice with Email(guest check out, no account):

Step 1: login your email, find your order details email

Step 2: open that email and simply click the only link(pink font) at this order deatils email,  you also can click


Setp 3: fill in the information from your order details, then you will get your invoice.

2, How to get your invoice from your account:

Step 1: click this link to  then login and get your order history: http://www.utposter.com/order/index.php?route=account/order

Step 2: click the paper icon(pink arrow point to with sample image)

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